An Updated Look at LeBron James’ Nike LeBron 17

A closer look at LeBron James' seventeenth signature basketball shoe.


After LeBron James took an on-foot shot of his seventeenth signature basketball shoe to his Instagram story, we now have a closer look at the Nike LeBron 17. Also, huge props to the King himself, sixteen, going on seventeen years in a professional sports league ain’t easy. That’s why he’s the real G.O.A.T.

We still really don’t have that great of a look at the Nike LeBron 17, but this is still a much better glimpse than the original photo he posted a week prior. From initial speculation, the silhouette looks similar to the 15s. It seems as if a new Zoom Air technology is intact, which is likely to be full-length from the original leak.

An additional Battleknit 3.0 is something we could also be receiving. Other than that, it looks like the shoes will feature a tongue just like its predecessor model, along with that odd ankle collar cut.

Keep it locked here for updates on LeBron James’ seventeenth signature basketball shoe, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


h/t: LeBron James.


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