First Look adidas Harden Vol. 3 ‘Year of the Pig’

This adidas Harden Vol. 3 is inspired by the Chinese New Year and the 'Year of the Pig'.


The current shoe I’m testing and the shoe that’s most likely going to be my top performer of the year, the adidas Harden Vol. 3 ‘Year of the Pig’, has surfaced in a Chinese New Year inspired colorway. This colorway is dubbed the ‘Year of the Pig’, which is obviously pointing to the Chinese calendar’s use of different animals for different years. This colorway is something special for sure, the upper seems to be mainly comprised of a white leather with gold hints across, such as the three stripes branding, golden Harden logo and golden laces.

In addition, The forefoot strap is black, which contrasts the white upper really well and has a golden dragon design across it, making sure to give a nod to Chinese culture and design. To finish off this special colorway, the lateral cage is black and the outsole is a dark semi-translucent grey.

No word on release information, but as the name of the colorway implies, it’s safe to assume these are coming out around Chinese New Year (early February). Stay tuned for full release information as the year comes to an end and 2019 comes underway.


Harden 3 cny.jpg

h/t: street8oy


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