adidas Harden Vol. 3 MVP Colorway Surfaces

The MVP colorway of the Harden Vol. 3 has surfaced.


As the Rockets and Golden State series continues and with the Rockets finally getting their first series win yesterday with an amazing Harden dagger and let’s say less than spectacular dunk attempt by Curry, a new Harden Vol. 3 colorway has surfaced online. This new colorway is being a little gutsy with the statement it’s making, dubbed the ‘MVP’ colorway, this Harden Vol. 3 wastes no time getting the message across, Harden for back to back MVP.

This isn’t the only time adidas has done this, they’ve made a similar statement on the Harden Vol. 2 and even before that the Vol. 1 (Westbrook won the award that year). Now adidas as back at it yet again to back up the Beard and his quest for another MVP award.

The colorway itself has a lot going on, the toecap is a mesh that is all murdered out. The forefoot band is red with some silver lines running across it, the lateral forefoot cage is a translucent red color.

The quarter panel is where most of the action is occurring, with a yellow biohazard symbol and other caution symbols, the stripes are black and the back of the heel has a yellow spray paint effect. The insole is where that bold prediction is being made, simply having MVP on the insole. No word on release date yet, but expect us to get those details to you as soon as we figure out.










h/t: wavegod_thelegend.



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