adidas Harden Vol. 3 Hoops Analysis

James Harden's third signature sneaker with adidas Hoops is finally here. Here's the adidas Harden Vol. 3 Hoops Analysis.



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adidas Harden Vol. 3 Hoops Analysis










To be totally straight up, the adidas Harden Vol. 3 is the best performance basketball shoe of 2018; period, no questions asked. Nick and Noor, co-founders of One on One Testers, have come to the consensus that not only is this the best basketball shoe of the previous year 2018, but it is one of the most well-rounded sneakers for on the hardwood dirty work in recent memory. Hint hint, they’re also dope casual kicks too… Although the sneakers may not stand out aesthetically from others on the market, these are in-fact very special performers on the court.

As shown in the diagram, the Harden Vol. 3 features a full-length herringbone sole, with a deep tread to provide more durability on a variety of different surfaces. The herringbone goes in two different directions (horizontally & vertically) on the sole, so it not only covered me laterally, but minimized dust pick-up, as the sole’s grooves aren’t too close to one another, and have a good amount of space between each groove.

I have the colorway with a semi-translucent (about 75% opacity) sole, and I feel as if the translucent rubber gripped just like any solid rubber sole would. The sole is actually quite similar to the compound of gum rubber, which is the normal compound/chemical solution rubber actually comes from. Although the sneakers don’t have a brown gum sole, the compound of the translucent rubber, nonethless, has a gum feeling, and gripped all court surfaces phenomenally.

The adidas Hoops Team generally does a good job to ensure their translucent rubber outsoles stick to the hardwood, and in this department, I can’t say I really had any complaints. When just walking with these casually for a while on marbled mall floors, I would notice some dust pick up, but once all of the debris gets stuck into the grooves, it almost comes out itself as the sole sort of mimics a car’s wiper blade to wipe out all of that unnecessary dust and debris. Dust pick-up was minimal, and I only found myself wiping every couple plays.



In addition to the great performing traction, the cushioning is something to also boast on about. Like all of the adidas Harden signature models, the third rendition in the line also does feature a full-length, unadulterated Boost midsole. Chemically produced from BASF Germany, this plastic pellet cushioning system is one of my favorite midsoles to play in, to date. The actual cushioning is simply just heated up TPU pellets, strategically placed into a sneaker midsole mold.

The Boost on the adidas Harden Vol. 3 did not disappoint, and in-fact, greatly made me appreciate the innovation behind it. One always thinking Boost was not sufficient enough for performance basketball play and suitable enough for the durability on the hardwood, I really enjoyed this iteration of Boost in the Harden 3s. The Boost is thinner, and slimmed down in comparison to its predecessor, but offered me great impact absorption on hard landings. Also, if you wanted abundant court-feel, this is the true shoe for you.

Since the Boost is so slimmed down, it didn’t feel like a pillow underneath my feet. This is something I actually appreciated as well, since the traction is so good, and the Boost is very responsive, I was able to feel very quick on my feet. The Boost is also caged laterally with a rubber wrap-up outrigger, that does its job well. Otherwise, the Boost is totally unadulterated. All in all, I could feel the cushion from heel to toe, and it didn’t affect the overall great court-feel I had on foot. This cushion gives the best of both worlds, court feel and impact protection, and I think it’s definitely something worth trying out, even for a $140 price point.











If you thought the bottom of the sneakers were great, you’re in for another exciting ride. I didn’t think much of this shoe in images, but thought much more of it once I saw it in hand. The actual kicks have a few different uppers. The colorway I have specifically is all gray, and the upper is pretty much just a textile. If you don’t know what a textile is, it’s all of your favorite knits, wovens, and jacquards, all categorized to the one term: textile. No matter what upper each colorway of the Harden Vol. 3 features, they’re all going to feel the same.

This specific colorway features a dope, and pretty thick tightly knitted woven material. The actual woven is is thick, supportive, yet not too heavy. It’s backed by what feels to be a nylon, or a very thin neoprene. It’s super comfortable on foot, and fits very close to my normal foot. The shoes do fit pretty narrow, but get wider towards the front of the shoes (forefoot area), so the fit should accomodate plenty of people who want to try the shoes. Nonethless, if you’re strictly a wide-footer, this might not be the shoes for you. I’d highly recommend to try them on in-store before you plan on purchasing if you do have a wide foot. For me though, the fit was perfect, and going true to size was the best option for me.

Support/lockdown wise, I really had no complaints either. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the inner lining material. The sock-liner material in this gray colorway is literally a micro-fiber skin. If you don’t know what micro-fiber is, it’s a moisture wicking material, and can be very slippery if used like in this shoe. All colorways feature this same sock-liner, so if you wear thin, and low-cut socks, I’d recommend wearing thicker socks as you may experience heel slip. Over time as the shoes became more accustomed to my foot shape, and that sock liner material started to ease up, the heel slip was basically gone. I’m still wearing thicker socks so my heel doesn’t slip, but that’s the only con about the fit I could really come up with.

Otherwise, there’s a pretty useless elastic bungee cord at the midfoot that actually covers up some laces where you could be locking down the midfoot of the tongue. The elastic cord has no function to it, and is mainly there for aesthetic appeal really. It didn’t do much of anything to really lockdown my foot and is a useless performance feature. If it was adjustable like a mid-foot strap, and had some function to it, this would be a more positive story. Flat laces are used, and a half-fit construction is used, so the tongue is attached at the mid-foot area, and lockdown was pretty much perfect once laced up.






The Wrap-Up


The adidas Harden Vol. 3… some might not be aesthetically appealed to these, but its performance is the best of 2018. The Harden Vol. 3 did everything right, and in most departments, near perfect. Its simplicity is something we need every once in a while, but if you cop a pair, you shouldn’t be let down. Have you grabbed a pair of the adidas Harden Vol. 3? If not, do you plan to test out a pair in the future? Let me know in the comments as share your thoughts, as I’d love to hear them. This is the best performance basketball shoe of 2018, and for $69.99 at my local adidas Flagship Mall Store, I couldn’t pass up.



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