adidas Harden Lifestyle 2 | Detailed Look & Review

James Harden's second signature off-court sneaker has officially released, and are sitting online at a heavily discounted price.

Noor Kashif, a member of the One on One Testers Crew has dubbed the adidas Harden Vol. 2 as one of his favorite performers of the year 2018. With the release of the Harden Vol. 3 coming up soon, the 2s are sitting on discount everywhere for under $100 bucks. On adidas.com, you can grab the Harden Vol. 2 for $59 with code: MESQUITESD18. Anyways, MTMHoops just scooped up a pair of the adidas Harden Lifestyle 2, the newly released off-court kicks for James Harden.

Retailing at $160, these kicks are still sitting on adidas for $80 (50% off) right now. Luckily adidas was having a one day 40% off sitewide sale, so I stayed woke and was able to scoop these up for $48. Just from an initial impression, these are dope kicks. Being that this is not a full-on analysis and just my initial thoughts on these, I won’t say too much. The mint outsole is super mellow in person, as well as the maroon upper.

Tech wise, we have a lot going on. The outsole starts off with a totally different sole pattern than the actual Harden Vol. 2s. The nub-like pattern on these guys is very squeaky, thick, and hard; thus long-term use for these guys is looking like a win win. Otherwise, we have a super thick Boost midsole, which you already know is soft and plush right from the get-go. I honestly have no complaints with it so far, and although the heel looks very bulky, it doesn’t feel like that on foot, considering your heel is still protected by the Boost.

Material wise, holy…. Yeah, they’re nice. More than nice actually. Starting off with what adidas wants to call a one-piece mesh for most of the upper, is actually more a prime knit feel. The material is super soft, super stretchy, and thick/cozy for my foot. Super comfortable right out of the box. No gimmicks, no nothing. Overlaying the primeknit is real leather. And when I mean real leather, I mean the soft & buttery kind. This stuff is so premium, and so are the rope laces. This has got to be the most premium shoe I’ve ever had in my collection. Although the $160 price point is pretty steep, and considering these just released and are $80 from adidas, I can’t complain. $160 for any shoe is expensive, but these definitely make a helluva’ good debate for what a shoe that expensive should feel like.

To quickly wrap things up, these are super nice kicks. You can expect my full-on analysis on these to drop sometime in the next one to two weeks, along with more detailed images. Tune in to The Sneaker Bulletin for more news as the Harden Vol. 3 releases in the coming weeks.

adidas Harden Lifestyle 2 ‘Maroon/Mint’








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