adidas Alpha Bounce Review

One on One Testers brings you their in-depth review on the AlphaBounce Beyond, an impressive off-court shoe by adidas.

One on One Nation, Nick is back again to bring you his new adidas AlphaBounce Review. These were really nice casually, with some minor flaws. For $40 they were totally a must cop while the were just sitting on Anyways, lets get straight into things.

NOTE: AlphaBounce vs AlphaBounce Beyond coming soon. 



Since the AlphaBounce are trainers and off court kicks more than anything, I won’t go too much in depth in this section. In the AlphaBounce Beyond  my pair has a black Continental™ rubber sole that is pretty damn durable thus far. The rubber itself feels a lot more durable than the original Alpha Bounce. The rubber on the Beyond’s is durable and had no noticeable issues gripping the majority of indoor/outdoor surfaces I walked on; marbled floors, hardwood, dirt, trails, etc. The rubber sole definitely feels like it’s going to continue to be nice and long lasting, as well as provide the added durability with the Continental™ rubber compound. Overall, well job done by adidas on their end here.

  SCORE – 9.5/10  



BOUNCE, BOUNCE, and MORE BOUNCE! I mean, I can’t get over the fact of how lightweight the BOUNCE feels on foot, the court feel, and the stabilization of it. This stuff is phenomenal. It’s totally more noticeable on foot than the original AlphaBounce feeling wise. It feels plush, while still maintaining a bit of stability for your everyday steps. The thing I also love about the midsole is that it doesn’t feel like it’s going to bottom out very quickly. That’s a big plus because some cushions on the market like Lunarlon tend to bottom out very fast overtime, BOUNCE is definitely not one of them in this situation, and feels like it will be decently long-lasting. But there’s one flaw about these guys. The BOUNCE actually protrudes out and acts as a huge outrigger medially and laterally. Therefore, it makes the overall fit pretty flat on foot, and acts as part of the outsole actually. Since the BOUNCE isn’t covered by any rubber on the outsole, it’s not going to be the most durable. That’s the one down side to it. It protrudes out medially and laterally to give you more stability, but the durability of the actual foam on the sole won’t be as durable as the actual rubber.

  SCORE – 9/10  



Another dope feature of these kicks. The adidas AlphaBounce Beyond gives us a nice ‘Forgedmesh’ upper. adidas can call the upper whatever they want and it won’t change my opinion on it. The upper is a super thin mesh with very small holes for some ventilation in the kicks. The actual upper is thin, and I’m not sure how durability is going to be long-term for these guys. Now where the ‘Forgedmesh’ comes into place is around the medial and lateral toe rand area, as well as the mid-foot. It’s essentially just some added material reinforcement to ensure the material doesn’t rip or gets damaged when wearing them, super fast. Durability is the one thing that worries me about the upper, but so far, it’s doing pretty well. There’s a tad bit of fraying along the forefoot, but it’s not anything super noticeable. adidas did a pretty good job with the upper, and it feels lightweight, decently supportive, and adaptable on foot.

  SCORE – 9/10  



Overall, adidas has done a good job with these kicks. But have they done justice with the fit? Absolutely not. Like most adidas models nowadays, these for sure fit a half size big. I bought these in a women’s 11, which translates to my size, a mens 9.5 because they were cheaper than the mens pairs, even thought they’re the exact same shoes. Now, I tend to wear a 9.5 in most kicks nowadays and these were just very big at first. It’s not the biggest letdown ever, but disappointed is the word I can say. There is a little bit of dead space between the materials and my actual foot, but it’s not the end of the world. Additionally, there’s a bit of space between my big toe and the actual front of the kicks. Luckily, these were still wearable and after some break-in time, I had no heel slippage, or anything too noticeable after some sweat build-up in the shoes. Just wish adidas would get their sizing done right.

Lockdown wise, there was a minor issue, at first. Right when I tried these guys on there was some noticeable heel slip. After I wore the shoes for a few days, it was gone. It wasn’t anything super bad, but it was noticeable. It kind of felt like my heel was never super secured as there really is no form of a heel counter in these guys. There’s an internal bootie that makes the shoes a little annoying to try on at first, but I got used to it. I feel like after some sweat build up in the shoes, the lockdown got better. The laces don’t do much of anything to actually keep your foot locked down in the shoes, jut because they’re going through some super tight fuse welds, and are attached to a one-piece upper. This is definitely a shoe where if you have a super skinny foot you might want to try these on in stores. The lockdown is tricky because of the one-piece upper. If you have a skinny foot, you might feel like you’re swimming in them.

Support wise, it’s pretty normal. These are more of trainers/off-court kicks, but the support was adequate. adidas offers us some TPU BOUNCE stabilization in the heel portion so the foam doesn’t over compress, as well as more free movement of your achilles. It’s a pretty good heel counter, that for sure adds some dope support features to the shoes.

  SCORE – 8/10  

Overall Thoughts

So I’ll be flat out honest here. The adidas AlphaBounce Beyond were really great on foot. They’re overall a solid pair of kicks, priced at an affordable rate for most customers to purchase. For $40 when I grabbed these, I’m glad I made the purchase. The thing that still worries me is the long-term durability of the shoes, and I’ll make sure to update you guys if anything happens in that area. Thanks for tuning in for another review!

  FINAL SCORE – 8.8/10  

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