A New PEAK Tony Parker Model Surfaces

A new PEAK Tony Parker model surfaces.

While many have never heard of or just don’t know the brand––Peak––, they are a Chinese sportswear company that happen to have released some of the best performing basketball shoes on the market, as well as the most comfortable shoe currently available right now. And, on top of that, they also have future Hall of Famer and Spurs legend, Tony Parker, on their roster of signature athletes. We now take a look at a new Tony Parker signature model with PEAK.

The TP9.VII, Tony Parker’s latest signature shoe with PEAK, utilizes the brand’s Taichi cushioning technology, which is also used in their off-court, casual line-up. While we don’t have much information as to the technology what will be incorporated into these, or if any of technology from the TP9.VII will be used in these either. However, we do have an excellent look at what could be Tony Parker’s next signature shoe.

This newest PEAK offering looks to arrive with a multi-directional sole, utilizing a pivot point at the forefoot, and a straight line tread at the heel, which should bring some great on-court grip, with minimal dust pick-up. Furthering onto the midsole is a full-length foam carrier. It’s likely we see Taichi return from the TP9.VII, but we don’t know as of yet. Tony Parker’s TP logo can be seen at the heel, so we do know this is a Tony Parker shoe. Completing the shoe is what appears to be a ballistic nylon underlay for the upper, which is then overlaid by a synthetic for durability and support. This type of upper was utilized on the TP9.VII, using a knit, which was then overlaid with a synthetic leather.

Let us know your thoughts on what could be Tony Parker’s next signature shoe in the comments below, and keep it locked here as we receive word from PEAK on what these will end up being.

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