A Flashback To Kevin Garnett’s Tenure With AND1

During the beginning of 2018, AND1 announced that Kevin Garnett would rejoin the brand, serving as the the Creative Director and Global Ambassador of AND1. Garnett, a Hall of Famer, and one of the greatest all-time Power Forwards, has had quite the journey in terms of endorsement deals with major footwear companies. Over the course of the NBA All Star’s 22 year career, he was endorsed by four major footwear brands.

He began his career wearing Nike from 1995 (rookie year) to 2001. He then signed briefly with AND1 before deciding to be endorsed by adidas. In 2010, he inked his final endorsement deal with China’s biggest footwear brand, ANTA. He racked up six signature shoes before retiring at the end of the 2015-16 NBA Season, where the Minnesota Timberwolves missed the playoffs. Garnett has had quite the rollercoaster ride for his endorsement deals with footwear companies throughout his career, but more recently has joined the team at AND1 to help rejuvenate the brand.

Photo via SLAM Magazine.

In a statement from AND1 Design Director of Footwear, Lars Astrom, “In 2017 the AND1 team had the honor to collaborate with one of the NBA’s all-time greats, Kevin Garnett. The experience was an exciting and memorable collaboration that I will never forget. So much in this industry never makes it to market due to a broad spectrum of mitigating circumstances. Although this program was never deployed to retail, I thought it would be an interesting look at things that could have been.

Special Note: All works were a true collaboration across the brand. This content houses selected works from designers, collaborators, as well as inspirational images pulled from the web. All works are not expressly my own.

Displayed above are a set of photos during the design process of several shoes Kevin Garnett and the AND1 Team were working on.
Renders of several different performance basketball shoes that unfortunately never made it to retail.
Tooling (sole) renders of select footwear AND1 was working on at the time.
More digital renders of different AND1 basketball shoes never released to retail.
A clean, modern looking performance basketball shoe developed by Kevin Garnett and the AND1 Team, which was unveiled at the end of August 2018 with the help of SLAM Magazine.
A unique looking casual sneaker designed by AND1, which also never made it to retail.

Displayed above are select works, which never made it to retail, of the AND1 X Kevin Garnett capsule collection.

Collaborators of the collection include: Lars Astrom, John Ozereko, Ryan Holler, “benny2boston“, Alex June, Kyle Barbuti, Laurie Dermott, DMO, Dexter Gordon, John Scipio, Kevin Garnett, “Set Free“, and Compound Society.

While this fantastic footwear capsule collection unfortunately did not make it to retail, the entire documented process and effort, commitment, and dedication to the collection is breathtaking. View the sets of photos above and dive deep into the details to see how truly remarkable the entire collection is, despite it never making it to retail. Information regarding Kevin Garnett’s current status with AND1 has not been disclosed as of right now.

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