The Jordan Jumpman Hustle Surfaces in New Colorways

Jordan Brand's new basketball silhouette, the Jumpman Hustle, has surfaced in many new colorways.

Not long after we saw Andre Drummond wearing this model, the Jumpman Hustle, we get 4 new flavors of the upcoming Jordan Jumpman Hustle, a highly anticipated and dare I say controversial model (people talking smack on it, others love it, etc). Jordan Brand is really trying to think outside of the box with designs such as the newly released Jordan 33 and the Jumpman Hustle. Regardless of your opinion on this upcoming team shoe and the overall design direction Jordan Brand has been taking, these new colorways that have surfaced might just change your mind about the shoe and prove the haters wrong.

Initially the white colorway that was first leaked turned some people off to the shoe. But these four new colorways really do make the shoes look interesting to say the least. No word on a release date, but stay tuned to One on One Testers and our Sneaker Bulletin for news on this shoe and others.

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All images via: US11.

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